Volunteer Opportunities 

If you would like to advertise a podiatry specific volunteering opportunity, please contact [email protected] 

Finding Volunteer Opportunities Before Acceptance Into Podiatry School 

Volunteering is a great booster for your podiatry school application! It helps admission committee members see that you are applying for the right reasons and enjoy helping your community. Volunteering helps you become a better person while also strengthening your communication skills. 

Common Questions Asked 

Where do I find volunteer opportunities?

For applicants still in school, you can reach out to your academic advisor. Your school might have an office of community service or a club already dedicated to serving the community. You can also check the websites of nearby hospitals, health care clinics, charities, and other foundations, as many already have volunteer opportunities listed online. 

What type of volunteer opportunity would look best on my application?

The best volunteer opportunity for your application is one that you are passionate about! Admission committee members want to have a volunteer opportunity that you enjoyed and continued to dedicate your time to, not just a one time event. You may have to volunteer with multiple organizations until you find one that you think will be a good long term fit. Don’t just volunteer for an organization you think will look good on your application, volunteer for an organization that you really learned from and made an impact.

That being said, it is best that you find at least one healthcare related volunteer opportunity. This will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare system and see the day to day life of a doctor.

How should I document these hours?

When completing your application for podiatry school, there will be a section where you can list all of your extracurricular activities. You will write an estimate of how many hours you volunteered per week and how many weeks this occurred. You will also be required to write about your experience, such as responsibilities you had with this volunteer role.