National Board Exams

Students enrolled in any of the colleges of podiatric medicine are required to pass Parts I & II of the American Podiatric Medical Licensing Exam (APMLE) series before beginning residency training. Part III of the APMLE is taken during residency. The APMLE series is overseen by the National Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners (NBPME).

The information below can act as a quick reference based on frequently asked questions. For more information about all 3 parts of the APMLE, including registration materials, practice tests, FAQs, exam dates, and much more, visit for the most up to date information.


Practice Tests for Part I and Part III are now online on the Meazure Learning website. NBPME and Meazure Learning are still working on Part II and will update once Part II practice tests are available. Candidates will need to sign up and create a new account to access the practice tests.

Pathway to Test Taking 

The pathway below applies to all 3 parts of the APMLE:
  1. Register to take the exam (This is where you would indicate if you are seeking accommodations).
  2. Wait for your Dean to approve your application.
  3. Pay for the exam.
  4. Reserve a seat at a set location and time after receiving a “Notice to Schedule” email from Meazure. The email usually arrives within 90 days of your test date. Additional locations may arise leading up to the test date.
  5. Take the test.
  6. Receive your score (usually 3-4 weeks after the test date).

Important Considerations 

  • Refer to the Exam Schedule on the APMLE website for registration dates. Candidates will automatically be placed in the application pool of a test date based on the date they register. The application will specify which test date a candidate is registering for.
  • If the candidate had a previous account with Prometric, they must enter the same e-mail address and date of birth to access their account
  • Candidates seeking accommodations do not need to submit any additional documentation if they have previously been approved for the same accommodations by their school. Additional documentation will be requested if the candidate has not received prior approval by their school and would like to receive accommodations for an APMLE exam.
  • Note: Candidates seeking accommodations will not receive a confirmation of their testing location until a personnel from Meazure has contacted them to ensure that the location they requested is able to provide the requested accommodations.
  • A candidate may change their testing location for a $50 fee up to 2 days before the test date (or for $100 within the 2 day window prior to the test).
  • All written tests are 205 multiple test questions, including ~50 experimental questions that will not be graded (those questions will be used to determine the content of future tests). Part I may have supplementary images, while Part II and III have images that are required to answer certain questions.
  • The percentages listed for each Part’s bulletin indicates the amount of questions a candidate should expect in their test. The percentages do not take the experimental questions into account.
  • All written tests are Pass/Fail and will have some form of scratch paper.


 Contact Information 

All issues that candidates experience must be reported to both the APMSA Liaison and Meazure Learning’s Candidate Support. 

Meazure Learning Candidate Support
Phone: (919) 572-6880
Email: [email protected]

APMSA Liaison to NBPME 
Mark Gabriel
[email protected]

 APMLE Part I Preparatory Resources

For helpful preparatory resources published by APMSA as well as links to useful tools, please click below.  

APMSA's Preparatory Guide
General Resources
Anatomy & Lower Extremity Anatomy
Microbiology/Immunology, Pathology & Pharmacology


APMLE Part III Information

The information below is provided by the Federation of Podiatric Medical Boards. It details state-specific guidelines for the APMLE Part III exam, including when to take the Part III exam. 

Licensing Boards Info by State

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