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Vannhi Huynh
TUSPM, Class of 2021

Q: Why did you choose podiatry?
A: I love that podiatry allows for a lot of autonomy. Podiatrists are able to choose their own subspecialties (sports medicine, wound care, limb salvage, etc.), and the patient population they want to work with (athletes, geriatrics, pediatrics, etc.).

Q: Where is home for you?
A: Home is where my family is.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination and why?
A: I enjoy my visits to Vietnam because a lot of my relatives live there.

Q: Share one of your secret study habits.
A: Shh…It wouldn’t be a secret if I share it.

Q: Finish this sentence, "People would be surprised to learn that I..."
A: …I love to cook, but I can’t eat a lot of the food I cook.

Q: What is your most played song?
A: Have it all by Jason Mraz

Q: What are you binge watching when not studying?
A: Kingdom on Netflix

"The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is the national, student-led organization that serves as the collective voice for all podiatric medical students. We are committed to the protection and advancement of student rights and interests by advocating in legislative and educational arenas. We provide resources to our members to assist them throughout their education as they transition into podiatric residents and physicians."