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Benjamin Honeycutt
BUSPM Class of 2020

Q: Why did you choose podiatry?
A: There were two factors that contributed to my recognition and ultimate choice of a podiatry as a profession. I grew up playing competitive soccer which brought me throughout the country, internationally and eventually landed me a spot at Calvin College, a division 3 school in Grand Rapids, MI. I was also studying pre-med at Calvin and always had a passion for medicine. I suffered through and witnessed many different foot and ankle injuries throughout my time playing. I was able to see how each injury effected the person including recovery, treatment and management. I appreciated the athletic trainer and doctor who knew the sport well and helped to get the players on the field as quickly as possible. Aside from my interest in sports medicine, my interest in podiatry stemmed from treatment and care of my grandma who was getting older with vascular deficiencies. I went to the podiatrist with my grandma multiple time for office visits and treatments which allowed my to recognize the versatility and skills that podiatrists have. I saw the positive affect that the podiatrist had on my grandma’s life as well as prolonging her life for years with his knowledge and expertise and I knew it was something I could see myself being a part of. My grandma passed away last year and she is an inspiration to me. I want to become the best podiatrist I can to deliver that same positive experience that our family had to others who are in need!

Q: What podcast are you listening to now?
A: I have only listened to one podcast: Dr. Death and it was amazing.

Q: What is your favorite meal?
A: My favorite meal is my grandmother’s homemade southern fall off the bone bbq ribs with a side of green beans, mashed potatoes and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Q: What would you title/name your autobiography?
A: "Sometimes you must, other times you have to."

Q: Finish this sentence, "People would be surprised to learn that I..."
A: …wanted to be an architect or interior designer when I was younger. I really like the details and styles of design when they come together!

Q: Share one small change you made in your life that had a big impact?
A: One small change that I have made in my life is trying to be more intentional. Intention with each aspect of life whether it’s relationships, studying, lifestyle or habits. It is something that always needs work but so far I am feeling healthier and happier since I have changed my mindset.
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