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Niral Patel
SCPM Class of 2022

Niral Patel is the new class of 2022 American Podiatric Medical Student Association Delegate for the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. He is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He played basketball in high school and injured his feet and ankles during that time, which is what first introduced him to podiatry. After shadowing several podiatrists, he knew that this career path was for him. He is excited to work closely on sports medicine related injuries and perform surgery.
A few of his favorite things are: cheese pizza, basketball and the Virgin Islands. He is a vegetarian so cheese pizza is his go to (he scoffed at veggie pizza when asked). As mentioned before, basketball is very important to him and when asked he said, “ball is life.” He currently has an injured Achilles tendon, but he is looking forward to the APMSA Athletic and Academic Conference this year. He hopes to one day treat Steph Curry’s foot and ankle injuries. He loves the Virgin Islands because he was able to study abroad there during college.
He was raised by his parents who have had an incredibly positive impact on him. He said, when asked who he would choose as a mentor, “my parents, because I have seen them both work hard every day to give me a good life.” He has learned a lot from them and believes that integrity is one of the most important characteristics an individual should have.
He has been adjusting well to Scholl College—he has been interested in APMSA since this summer and we are thrilled to have him join our team. He has enjoyed his first few months of school and an interesting fact about his study habits is that he only sleeps for two hours the night before an exam. He is optimistic about his future as a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon and is eager to forge forward in his professional career.
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