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Ashley Schneider
WUCPM, Class of 2022

Q: Why did you choose podiatry?
A: I chose podiatry due to an appreciation of the comprehensive nature of the field. Not only do podiatrists employ extensive        knowledge of anatomy, dermatology, neurology, vascular supply and biomechanics in treating medical conditions of the foot and ankle but also work in varied types of practices. The unique combination of these aspects of medicine were extremely appealing when I decided to attend podiatric medical school.

Q: Where is home for you?
A: Boulder, Colorado

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination and why?
A: Cape Cod as it always brings back great memories of childhood summers with my family.

Q: Share one of your secret study habits.
A: I prioritize sleep, even before a test!

Q: Finish this sentence, "People would be surprised to learn that I..."
A: …I started my undergraduate studies in Architecture before switching to my BS in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Q: What would you title/name your autobiography?
A: "Finding My Footing"

Q: What famous feet would you like to work on?
A: Louis Zamperini

"The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is the national, student-led organization that serves as the collective voice for all podiatric medical students. We are committed to the protection and advancement of student rights and interests by advocating in legislative and educational arenas. We provide resources to our members to assist them throughout their education as they transition into podiatric residents and physicians."