Member Spotlight Archive - November

Niral Patel
SCPM Class of 2022


Niral Patel is the new class of 2022 American Podiatric Medical Student Association Delegate for the Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine. He is from Indianapolis, Indiana. He played basketball in high school and injured his feet and ankles during that time, which is what first introduced him to podiatry. After shadowing several podiatrists, he knew that this career path was for him. He is excited to work closely on sports medicine related injuries and perform surgery.
A few of his favorite things are: cheese pizza, basketball and the Virgin Islands. He is a vegetarian so cheese pizza is his go to (he scoffed at veggie pizza when asked). As mentioned before, basketball is very important to him and when asked he said, “ball is life.” He currently has an injured Achilles tendon, but he is looking forward to the APMSA Athletic and Academic Conference this year. He hopes to one day treat Steph Curry’s foot and ankle injuries. He loves the Virgin Islands because he was able to study abroad there during college.
He was raised by his parents who have had an incredibly positive impact on him. He said, when asked who he would choose as a mentor, “my parents, because I have seen them both work hard every day to give me a good life.” He has learned a lot from them and believes that integrity is one of the most important characteristics an individual should have.
He has been adjusting well to Scholl College—he has been interested in APMSA since this summer and we are thrilled to have him join our team. He has enjoyed his first few months of school and an interesting fact about his study habits is that he only sleeps for two hours the night before an exam. He is optimistic about his future as a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon and is eager to forge forward in his professional career.

Nathan Clyde
AZPOD Class of 2022

Nathan Clyde has been elected the new Class of 2022 Delegate from Midwestern University. Nathan attended Utah State as an undergraduate, where he started his college career taking business classes. Though he would eventually make the jump into the field of medicine, economics initially captured his interest and brought him into contact with a wide variety of opportunities that would have a lasting impact on his future.
It was, in part, thanks to his wife that podiatry made its way onto Nathan's radar. After starting to explore different specialties as a pre-med student, Nathan was invited to shadow Dr. Daniel Huff, whom his wife had been working for. The wide variety of conditions he saw being treated, along with the relief and appreciation of the patients, stuck with Nathan. Dr. Huff's devotion to his patients, whether making home visits or applying impeccable bedside manner, also reaffirmed Nathan's interest in becoming a podiatrist.
Outside of his studies, Nathan is an active hiker and runner. He enjoys spending time with his family, including his dog Winston, and is often joined by them on hikes or runs. Making time for exercise and good time management are some of the values and skills that have brought Nathan to where he is today. The character trait he holds in the highest regard and strives always to embody is dependability - a trait which will serve him well as a future podiatrist. He is very optimistic and excited about the future of podiatry, and is eager to put his efforts towards that future as a part of the APMSA.

Luis Rivera
BUSPM Class of 2022

Luis Rivera is Barry University’s new Delegate for the class of 2022. People would be surprised to learn that Luis is already a podiatrist, previously practicing in Australia. He mentioned that pursuing podiatric medicine was one small change that made a big impact on his life. When asked why he chose Podiatry, he stated, “because it offers something that no other field in medicine can offer. We are exposed to almost every field of medicine every day, ranging from a small skin or nail condition to a complex diabetic patient with a neuropathic ulcer. We also get exposed to sports injuries, pediatrics, and surgery. All types of cases can be seen in one day, which makes this career unique and very interesting.” Luis’ dream mentor would be Kevin Kirby, a podiatrist he admires most because he has revolutionized biomechanical theories and made a personal impact on Luis’ choice in podiatry.
Luis is from Miami and enjoys sushi, movies, cooking, running, & going to the beach. When asked about his favorite vacation, he stated, “when I went to Hong Kong with my family. We were able to experience some of the Chinese culture, try new food, and take our son to Disneyland, which he really enjoyed. It was fascinating to see the temples and experience a different culture. My family and I learned a lot from that trip.” His most played song is Ambiente by J-Balvin and the title of his autobiography would be “The Life of a Father in Medical School.”
Student Doctor Rivera values honesty, kindness, leadership, and motivation. His advice for studying is to learn the material and not memorize. He believes it is helpful to understand how each professor teaches and to be aware of what he or she finds important. If he had to choose one pair of famous feet to work on, he would choose Shaquille O’Neal! An interesting fact he learned this week, unrelated to school, was that Cristiano Ronaldo’s son has the same name as his son, Mateo.

Spencer Sterling

WUCPM Class of 2022

Mr. Spencer Sterling has been elected as the American Podiatric Medical Students' Association (APMSA) Class of 2022 Delegate for Western University of Health Sciences College of Podiatric Medicine. Motivated in part by his family, who are also podiatric surgeons, Mr. Sterling has developed a passion for podiatry, specifically choosing to pursue podiatric medicine because of his fascination with lower extremity surgery.

Growing up along California’s central coast in San Luis Obispo, Mr. Sterling has a proclivity for outdoor sports. He has been swimming and surfing for over ten years, and someday hopes to surf the black sand beaches of Maui. He served as an Eagle Scout and was able to sail in the Bahamas, hike through the New Mexico wilderness, and kayak in the fjords in Alaska and the lakes of Canada. He has competed in multiple triathlons and road cycling races. He is an avid mountain biker, but competitive cycling is his preferred sport. He loves tuning and working on his bike, developing problem-solving skills he hopes to transfer into his career. Apart from the adrenaline rush of racing, cycling has always been his avenue for wellness through the demands of school.
Before accepting his admissions offer at Western University of Health Sciences, Mr. Sterling attained his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the Dominican University of California in San Rafael. He enjoyed his experience in research, as well as the culture of the Bay Area. Since completing his undergraduate degree, he has worked as a Moh’s surgery technician and as an assistant for a medical office.
Mr. Sterling is a true Californian having lived in the Bay, the Central Coast, and now Los Angeles. When he completes his residency, he hopes to one day return and practice back along the Central Coast of California.
Mr. Sterling is looking forward to serving as the voice of his classmates for the next four years. Having family members who have been involved in the American Podiatric Medical Association has made him keenly aware of the important work that APMSA does on behalf of podiatric medical students nationwide.

"The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is the national, student-led organization that serves as the collective voice for all podiatric medical students. We are committed to the protection and advancement of student rights and interests by advocating in legislative and educational arenas. We provide resources to our members to assist them throughout their education as they transition into podiatric residents and physicians."