Member Spotlight

Deana Lewis
KSUCPM Class of 2022
Social Media Ambassador

Q: Why did you choose podiatry as a career?
A: I chose podiatry because I love that you can practice both medicine and surgery. As podiatrists, we are foot and ankle specialists, so one day I could be treating a diabetic foot, the next day, a sports injury. I was drawn to the field because of how versatile it is. Being an athlete my entire life, I knew I wanted to go into something that gave me the opportunity to work with athletes and sports injuries and podiatry allows me to do that and much more.

Q: You're a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?
A: If I was a new addition to a crayon box, I would be a light ocean blue color. This color suits me because it reminds me of the warm summer time on a beautiful beach, with the waves crashing on each other and my toes in the sand. Anyone that knows me knows I adore hot weather and that a tropical beach is my favorite place to be!

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?
A: My favorite vacation destination is Disney World by far! It’s my favorite because there is always so much to do and never a boring moment there. To be honest, I am also a kid at heart and some of my favorite movies to this day are Disney movies, so I enjoy going to Disney just to relive my childhood and be around some of my favorite characters! Not to mention the weather in Florida is phenomenal!

Q: Who do you regularly follow on Instagram? Twitter?
A: I regularly follow LeBron James (@KingJames) on Instagram and Twitter. I played basketball my entire life and he is my absolute favorite basketball player of all time. Not only is he a great basketball player, but I love what he has done for Northeast, Ohio, which is where I am also from. From opening up IPromise Schools to The LeBron James Foundation, he continues to give back to his community and I respect him so much for that.

Q: Finish this sentence, "People would be surprised to learn that I..."
A: ....have a twin brother! He’s about 25 minutes older than me. We were both born premature about 1 month early.

Student Doctor Deana Lewis

"The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is the national, student-led organization that serves as the collective voice for all podiatric medical students. We are committed to the protection and advancement of student rights and interests by advocating in legislative and educational arenas. We provide resources to our members to assist them throughout their education as they transition into podiatric residents and physicians."