Member Spotlight

Nathan Clyde
AZPOD Class of 2022

Nathan Clyde has been elected the new Class of 2022 Delegate from Midwestern University. Nathan attended Utah State as an undergraduate, where he started his college career taking business classes. Though he would eventually make the jump into the field of medicine, economics initially captured his interest and brought him into contact with a wide variety of opportunities that would have a lasting impact on his future.
It was, in part, thanks to his wife that podiatry made its way onto Nathan's radar. After starting to explore different specialties as a pre-med student, Nathan was invited to shadow Dr. Daniel Huff, whom his wife had been working for. The wide variety of conditions he saw being treated, along with the relief and appreciation of the patients, stuck with Nathan. Dr. Huff's devotion to his patients, whether making home visits or applying impeccable bedside manner, also reaffirmed Nathan's interest in becoming a podiatrist.
Outside of his studies, Nathan is an active hiker and runner. He enjoys spending time with his family, including his dog Winston, and is often joined by them on hikes or runs. Making time for exercise and good time management are some of the values and skills that have brought Nathan to where he is today. The character trait he holds in the highest regard and strives always to embody is dependability - a trait which will serve him well as a future podiatrist. He is very optimistic and excited about the future of podiatry, and is eager to put his efforts towards that future as a part of the APMSA.

Student Doctor Nathan Clyde

"The American Podiatric Medical Students’ Association is the national, student-led organization that serves as the collective voice for all podiatric medical students. We are committed to the protection and advancement of student rights and interests by advocating in legislative and educational arenas. We provide resources to our members to assist them throughout their education as they transition into podiatric residents and physicians."